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Talentlytica is an Indonesian HR tech startup, established in 2017, providing Assessment software  as service for Talent Management.Talent can be the ultimate advantage in any organization. 

Talentlytica provides innovation in Talent-related  decision making using data and analysis, reducing individual biases using online assessment and talent management algorithm.
Talentlytica Online Assessment Platform Aswin Januarsjaf, Bagus Rahman Syah, Fajar Anugerah, Apin Aviyan

"We Believe Identifying and engaging talents will increase  productivity and provide competitive edge for organisations. "

How Talentlytica Work

Every company has a variety of HR problems.
We are here to provide solutions based on data & analytics

Talent Identification

Revealing the potential and competence of candidates before recruiting or promoting them is a choice that must be taken with careful consideration. Talentlytica can help companies have all the data they need fast and accurate.

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Talent Mapping

Large-scale companies certainly need to map employees to find out their level of potential and competence, with the aim of knowing which employees need training, which ones are suitable to be placed in a position, and which ones are ready to be promoted.

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Talent Management

In addition to identifying and developing employee potential, HR also needs to carry out talent management with the aim of seeing employee development and providing rewards for their achievements. Talentlytica has developed a solution to make it easier for the HR team to monitor all required aspects along with accurate data & analytics.

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6 years

Research & Development ofTechnology and Assessment Tools


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Adaptation of Questions & NormsAccording to Indonesian Culture

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Hundreds of companies in various Industry sectors have trusted Talentlytica to find their best Employees
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